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Sarah Graham brings the natural world before us with a clear, unorthodox eye. Form comes into being with subtly coloured ink blushes, washes, seepages and stains. Mottled pools puddle and soak into the paper, drying to make the volumes of a glossy leaf or petal or the convex thorax of a butterfly.

Squid-ink pools of darker brown-black map the stained-glass panel of an insect wing or an exoskeleton’s segments; iridescent pools mark out the patterns of a moth’s brown wing. Graphic, calligraphic dashes and delicate striations define sail-like butterfly-wing capillaries, bristling abdomen hairs, twiggy mayfly legs and proboscises.

Savage, robotic insects hum and probe between flower petals; the heavy handmade paper bulges, saturated with colour. Nature requires no further manifesto or explanation. Her pictures are – in essence – about wonder and strange pleasures, engaging the eye and mind.

Ruth Guilding

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Author: Ruth Guilding
Photography: Miguel Flores-Vianna
Publisher: Ridinghouse Publishers
Published: September, 2020

27 × 23.5 cm

ISBN: 978 1 909932 58 6